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Watch bite-sized courses from your favorite creators.

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Reimagining life skills education for the creators of tomorrow


Guide equips high school students with the skills for college-readiness and career success.



Create courses on life skills topics like entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and cooking, in-seconds.

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Students can watch courses, record notes, and learn from their favorite creators.


Foster peer learning communities by liking and sharing your favorite courses with students, friends, or family!


For Educators & Parents

Empower your students

Leverage our Guide Blended Learning Model (BLM) to learn how to use Guide to teach life skills in the classroom and at home.

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Coming Soon.

Go Guide Pro


With Guide Pro, parents and educators get insights on how students are using Guide, what they are learning, and how to address critical life skills gaps.


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Learning Insights

  • Monitor students’ in-app learning progress.

  • Identify and engage students on their favorite life skills and topics.

  • Discover resources to help address any life skills or competency gaps.


Equip students with the skills they need today to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow.

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